Children Multi-functional Study Machine – Tablet Pad Toy With Handle- Pink

• 25 Functions
• Battery Operated
• Learn words
• Learn Letter
• Play Music
• Multi-functions
• Develop logical thinking


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The tablet learning content is composed of 3 sections – English, Math and Music, including total 25 independent functional options. The English section includes 13 functional options, the math section includes 9 functional options and the music section includes 3 functional options. Start up the tablet to enter in the functional option selection interface; press the ESC key to exit functional operating mode and return to the functional option selection interface. As for some functional options, each option contain five test questions per level, 20 scores per question, you have three times of opportunities to answer. It has 25 activities functions. It has the following functions: learn the alphabet, Letters memories, Learn alphabetical order, Pair the same letters, Type, Letter game, Learn words, Spell word, Fill in the beginning letter, Fill in blank with words, Correct a wrong character, Dictate, Type a word, Learn English numbers, Learn number spelling, Number memory, Sort number, Compare, Additive operation, Subtraction operation, Fill in the blank to establish an equation, Select symbols to complete the equation, Study note, Test notes and Play music. Perfect gift for your children. Portable and easy to carry. Battery operated. It develops logical thinking, visualization skills and memory.

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