One Washable Diaper Without Insert – Yellow

• Reusable diaper without insert
• Material:Cotton+Elastic waterproof TPU film
• Pattern:Baby Cloth
• Suitable for babies and toddlers
• Washable,waterproof and breathable
• Package Included: 1 x Diaper only
• Hand and Machine wash


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Reusable diaper without insert can be use as a nappy cover, One Size fit all because of adjustable buttons by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the diaper. It has comfortable elastic legging area to prevent leaking and suitable for babies and toddlers. Science proves that bright colour is good to baby on environmental cognition.Outer Layer is highly Water-Resistant, Breathable and Very Durable. it can be washed without any deformation and gives an ideal protection for your baby, the bed and linens from leakage. Inner Layer can moisture away from babies skin and keep bottom dry to make your baby feel easy and comfortable. That is what all parents are happy to see. It can be wash in machine. Please note that this is only washable diaper without insert. The diaper must be used with either cloth nappy or reusable insert. You can get cloth napkin or thick towel fold it and insert inside the diaper.Warning: Do not use without insert


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