how to make your kids adorable

Your baby is already adorable just the way he or she is, there are some easy and fun ways you can enhance the cute factor, especially to prepare for a visit from friends or relatives, a walk around town or for photo opportunities.

Select adorable outfits. One of the easiest ways to increase the cute factor is to select outfits that will bring out your baby’s sweet little face and mannerisms.  Things to look out for include:
-Adorable accessories. From fun little hats to special bibs, you can dress your baby to the nines with complementary accessories.
-Cute baby shoes. Add a crowning piece to your child’s outfit with a cute pair of kicks. Many designers like Converse and Nike make shoes for children as early as birth and offer an endless selection of styles and colors.
-Sweet pajamas and robes. Cute outfits don’t have to stop during the day––make bedtime a charming endeavor and pick up adorable footie pajamas or a sweet, flowing nightgown for your baby girl.

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