Auto Woodpad Toy

• Battery Operated
• Learn Letters, Numbers, Colours and Shapes, Fruit, Animals etc
• It can be use as drawing book, pen included
• Melodious Music
• Quiz and Test
• Loud Speaker


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This Audio wordpad contains 11 categories and features your child will learn from. Each pad/cards contain each feature. The wordpad has 11 different cards (detachable) inside that represent each feature, eg it contains cards for letters, which assist kids to learn the letters A-Z with sound. It sounds loud when any of the letter is press. It is battery operated. It has cards for Number which assist your child to learn numbers. Other features that assist your kids to learn Animals, Fruit, Titles, Necessary, National Flags, Colors and shapes, Transports, Stationery and Food & Vegetable. Each card is detachable which allows your kids to fix and learn any feature. It has loud speaker. It also has Music, learning, Quiz, interrogated test, follow me and repeat functions. It has drawing at the back with pen. Your kids can also learn drawing and colouring using the back. Best gift for children.


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