Children Educational Y-Pad – Blue

• 50 Keys J-Pad English Learner

.• 1-10 Numeric Keys – 10 number keys piano sand.

• A-Z Alphabet Keys – 26 Letters word.

• Word Mode – 6 Special Words

.• In Which A Question Can Be Asked

.• Learn English Word Spelling & Pronunciation.


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The Y-Pad helps to improve baby\’s logic thinking ability, wisdom and curiosity. The Children\’s Learning Alphabet Tablet enables your baby to learn English alphabets from early childhood, it is good for baby\’s language development. Clear standard English pronunciation, with adjustable volume keys, this Learning Alphabet Tablet protects baby\’s hearing. Warm LED light, it can clearly display the text in dark environment on the screen to protect baby\’s eyes. Power-saving, low power consumption, it will turn off automatically if 1 minute of no operation. Light touch design is more suitable for baby in the developing period. Multi-angle placement, give the baby a comfortable learning environment.


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