Children Educational Apple Study – Fun Tablet Pad – 60 Skill Building Activities

  • 60 functional activities
    Battery operated (battery not included)
    Learn words, number, music & games
    Learn english, math & tools
    Helps to develop logical thinking
    Visualization skill


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The laptop’s learning content is composed of 6 section (English, Math, Game, Music, Clock and Tools) including total 60 independent functional options. The English section includes 19 functional options, the Math section includes 18 functional options, the clock section includes 3 functional options, the Music section includes 4 functional options, the tools section includes 2 functional options, and the Game section includes 14 functional options. If no keystroke occurs within 3 minutes, the laptop will shut down automatically.

The Laptop has 54 keys, including eight main keys ‘’ON / OFF, ESC, MUSIC, CLOCK, LCD +, LCD-‘’ The remaining 46 keys are common response keys: start up/ shut down, Return to the functional option selection interface, volume control keys, LCD display contrast adjustment key, The arrow keys etc. It has the following functions: Learn the alphabet, Learn order of strokes, test letter, Type, letter memories, Sort letters, Learn alphabetical order, Learn word, Spelling, Fill in the beginning letter, fill in blank with words, select letters in the blank, Dictate, Modify the word order, Select the correct words, Correct a wrong character, recombine a word, Letter game, Learn English number, Learn order of strokes, Learn number spelling, Guess numbers, Number memory, Sort numbers, addition, subtraction, division, test notes, play piano, snake game, collect gold coin, find same patterns etc. It is battery operated.


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