Children Educational Mini Computer Toy With Mouse

• Learn 40 English word

• Battery Operated (battery not included)

• Questions

• Learn Numbers

Learn Spelling

• Learn Letter

• Play Music


9,500.00 4,000.00

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This series of products is especially developed according to Children\’s psychological characteristics and by adopting advanced technologies. They are simplified yet interesting computers of unique realistic interactive function. Their training subjects are reasonable, logical, and perfectly integrate sound and picture. Truly effective in helping children learn independently and build up creative skills. It\’s really a good pal for children to enjoy better intellectual development. It has the following functions: Learning letter, Learning words, Animationary, Spelling, Missing vowels, Beginning Letters, Missing Letters, Synonym, Spell the word, Past Tense, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Missing sign, Music, clock etc. Perfect gift for your children. This unit has protective function. If wrongly used, it will shut down automatically. In such case, Please turn it on again. It is portable, easy to carry


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