LCD Ipad Learning Machine With Light For Children

• LCD tablet learning toy

• Display child activities with the help of LCD

• It provides entertainment for kids with light up design

• Battery operated

• Learn English, 123, Music etc


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The LCD tablet learning toy is made of plastic and electronic components with light, iPad outlook but not real iPad. it is plastic screen and you need to press the button to play. Quality Standard, a great gift to your lovely baby and overall improvement to your children\’s listening, reading, speaking, imagination skills with different play modes: A-Z letters, 123, Find words, Listen Music, Animal Voice, Alphabet song, spelling, find number, and Quiz mode. High imitation of iPad outlook, fashion and eye catching, convenient to put into your pocket. Soft contact button, no need to press it hard, protect the fingers bone of your little baby from hurting. It enhances learning with help of LCD


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